Product Review: Petbiz Dog & Cat Tracker

Let’s be honest, losing your pet is super stressful, having any idea about where they might have gone is extremely valuable at that crunch moment, but does the Petbiz Dog & Cat Tracker stand up to our test?

The Chateau Canine Product Team: PJ, Linny & Apollo set out to understand and share with you the pros and cons of this nifty little tracker. Watch this video to see the successes and failures of one of the most popular tracker products on the market.

It’s important to remember that this product is far from a fail safe solution to keeping your dog out of trouble. In fact, it really only emphasises further the need to keep your dog on a leash when not in a controlled environment, to work with your dog regularly on improving their recall/return and doing the best you can to have a wonderful relationship with your dog. See our other videos about how to build that relationship in the videos section of our website here.

As shown in the video, there are some really great things about this product, and some things that are quite a challenge. Pros include:

  • Excellent battery life (battery levels are shown in the app)
  • The tracking distance walked function is fairly accurate (great for seeing when and how far your Ayi/walker walks the dog each day)
  • Very easy to use English interface
  • Downloadable from app store
  • Price is manageable
  • Compact, light, well built
  • Doesn’t seem to be noticed by the dog at all
  • Easy to get on and off and recharge

What are the things that the product has trouble with? Cons include:

  • The refresh rate in the Generation 1 is just not as reliable as we would like, even in the “Urgent Searching” mode which is specifically designed for when your dog is lost and you are on the hunt to find them. This function is meant to ramp up the refresh rate and drain the battery. However at one point in our “lost dog simulation” it didn’t refresh for nearly 10 minutes.
  • According to the manufacturer, the product cannot be used outside of mainland China as the telco system will not support it. So you can only use it for your time in China.
  • When downloading the app from the app store, you must download from the Chinese Apple App Store (even when downloading the English version), subsequently, you need to move your app store from your current country to China, before you can download, otherwise you will not be able to bind the app with the tracker (which is a critical part of installation)

So whats the verdict?

So would I buy it? Yes, I probably would buy the Generation 1 model if I had no other choice, but all things considered, I would more than likely just stump up the extra money for the the Generation 2 model which is apparently better on all accounts than the Generation 1, except price (we will do a detailed review very soon). With the new advancements, the Generation 2 would also be more likely to get me out of a difficult situation if I lost my dog, and of course it has all the other functionality of the Generation 1 which we like.

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