Pet Shuttle Service

Pet Shuttle Service

Car layout

Chateau Canine believes that low-density dog accommodation is best for the dog. We carry this methodology over to our shuttle service too. We use a small car (as opposed to a van that most pet businesses use) that can only carry 3 crates at a time. This means that your dog will be in the car for less time and into The Chateau or home to you faster. To book the shuttle please click here. This is a VIP service – if you are not yet a VIP, please contact us here.

Crates vs Seatbelts

Generally speaking, we believe that crates are the best option for transport. We are happy to put your dog’s bed or blanket into the crate with them and the vast majority of dogs respond exceptionally well to this for the trip to the Chateau. If however, you believe that your dog would travel better with just a doggy seatbelt, please contact us prior to pick up/drop off and we will review feasibility. We cannot however guarantee this is possible. We will bring our own suitable sized crate for each journey.

Disinfection Schedule

Our crates are disinfected with vet hospital grade disinfectant after every journey. Our seat covers are cleaned every day and the whole car is washed weekly.

The driver and his/her role in the pick up/drop off

The driver’s primary function is to drive safely and smoothly and to make sure that the crates and car are clean. The driver is not part of our animal management team and as a result will not handle your pet. When you meet the driver for handover, the driver will stow your other items (bed, food, toys, treats etc), but it is the owners responsibility to put their pup into the crate or take the pup from the crate on arrival back home. He will then check that the crate is secured properly and head on his/her way. At handover, if you have any issues, please contact our Client Services WeChat Account.

What we can and can’t do

We are always happy to be flexible as we can, however we will not be flexible at the expense of your or another dog’s safety or well-being. This includes things like:

  • We cannot force the driver to work late into the evening because your flight is delayed or you can’t get away from work. In this situation, we will offer another night of accommodation (if capacity allows) as a solution and we can drop your pup home in the morning.
  • We suggest not driving through peak hour traffic. It is never pleasant for the pups (motion sickness) therefore we always suggest pick up and drop off outside of peak hour times.
  • We do not transport any humans, under any circumstances. If you would like to arrange a car to come with your dog to visit, we are happy to provide contact details for “human” cars.
  • We can work directly with your Ayi to arrange pick up and drop off during the day. We will instruct them in Chinese on exactly what to bring and how to do the handover with our driver. We work with many Ayi’s around the city on this front. (As a side note, we are also looking into building an Ayi dog knowledge certificate program – please let us know if you are interested in this)

Car sickness and what you can do about it

Car sickness or motion sickness is a common condition with some dogs, especially young puppies. The best thing to do is not feed before travel. For example, if you know that your pup will be traveling before midday, don’t feed breakfast. Just let us know that you held back their meal and we will be happy to arrange lunch for them upon arrival. More successful trips without feeling motion sickness leads to more confidence in the crate and better transport when you head back to your home country (where your dog must be in a crate).

Some motion sickness is exacerbated by anxiety or fear when in the crate. If you want, please feel free to put your pups blanket or your stinky gym clothes in the crate with them (they like stinky stuff). If it gets vomit/drool all over it during the trip, not to worry, we are happy to wash it upon arrival (free service).