Out & About: Riverbed Fun

Riverbed fun in Beijing’s north

Straight up the Jing Cheng Highway, from either Sanlitun (1 hour) or Shunyi (40mins), this is a great half day trip with your pup to get wet and have fun!

Search in your map: 河漕村 He Cao Cun and it will take you right to the place where you can park your car on the dam. Then you are just a 2 minute walk away from the fun with your pup in the water.

Watch PJ, Apollo and Xiao Hei in our latest video of what its like!

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  1. Follow up note:

    Apollo and Xiaohei both drank a lot of the water as it was quite a hot day. Neither of them had any poop issues over the next few days. The water was crystal clear and I didn’t see one piece of rubbish while I was there.

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