Out & About: Lakeside Picnic

For those of you who have been in Beijing for a while, you may remember back in 2010, Yanqi Hu (Yanqi Lake) hosted the APEC meeting that year which gave much of the region a big clean up and still today the parks and lakes are in excellent condition. Fun times can be had for both doggies and hoomans, so we have taken two of the kids out for a run and play and a picnic with friends. See the butterfly chasing and wave biting theatrics in the video below!

About 1 hour from Sanlitun, and less from Houshayu, its a perfect half day trip for a bit of fun out the city. Grab your picnic basket and the kids and jump in the car or get a driver and head straight up the Jing Cheng Expressway and you are there before you finish laughing about this hilarious dog who brought their water sprinkler into the house through its doggie door…”how’s your day going?” HAHAHAHA

Something to note, as the facilities are all in top-notch condition, there are some “bao an” (guards) floating around the area to keep the place safe and clean, when we were there they didn’t mind the dogs at all swimming in the water, but made a bit of a fuss when I jumped in and looked like I was about to injure myself. If you want to see places where hoomans can also get wet, then have a look at some of our other videos:

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