General Operating Framework

Visiting Chateau Canine

  • Our visiting hours are limited to 10am – 12pm every Saturday, please make a booking for a visit with us by either contacting us or booking directly here.
  • You can also bring your pup along for the visit, but please make sure you also bring your pup’s immunization booklet with all general immunization still within valid period. The immunization booklet will be checked upon arrival. If failed to present the booklet or the immunization has expired, the dog cannot set foot inside the facility and will have to stay in the car. Please understand this rule is non-negotiable.
  • We understand the visiting hours isn’t convenient for many potential clients, but if you have visited other kennels, you would know that onsite dogs would bark excessively at strangers which causes anxiety. Chateau Canine’s operation is designed to minimize all anxiety just to ensure our doggie guests would have a happy and relaxed holiday in a tranquil countryside atmosphere.
  • As said above, we also do not allow owners to come to play with their dogs at the facility. However, feel free to come to pick up your dog and take it to nearby river park for a hike.

Check in and Check out Time

  • Our check in and check out time is between 10am – 4pm
  • Morning is the busiest time of the day, in order for us to give you our undivided attention for the check in and handover, please arrange for your check in after 10am. Your support with this is greatly appreciated.
  • Check in after 4pm is NOT recommended. It takes some time for dogs to familiarize the new environment and new people, checking in after 4pm will leave very little time for the dog to sniff around and get to know our team. Dogs will experience elevated separation anxiety.
  • We will not accept any check in after 6pm.
  • The usual Check out time is 12:00, same as human hotel. Most of the time, late checkout can be managed, but if later than 4pm, another night of accommodation fee will be charged.
  • If using our car service, handover with the driver after 4:30 pm will result in another night of accommodation being charged.

Daily Schedule

6:30-8:30Every dog goes out in turns to pee and the team cleans their rooms
9:30-12:30One on One and puppy party time, different groups in turns, non social dogs go out individually
12:30-13:30Lunch break
14:30-17:30One on One and puppy party time, different groups in turns, non social dogs go out individually
17:30-18:30Last round of pee time
18:30Dinner and rest

PS. Summer lunch break will extend to 15:30 due to hot weather, and the following afternoon activities will be postponed accordingly.