Onsite Service Introduction

Onsite Service Introduction

Daily exercise schedule and duration

All guests of Chateau Canine have four opportunities (early morning, mid morning, early afternoon, early evening) for outdoor activities, exercise or play a day. Whether it be a quick pee and a poo, a rollicking puppy party, or a specialized socialization training, Chateau team members will ensure that each guest has plenty of time outdoors which is right for their character and physical needs. Each dog is treated as an individual at the Chateau, however generally speaking, each dog is in one of our play areas for approximately 1.5 hours a day.


Chateau Canine is well known for its ability to take dogs with limited social skills and help them develop into social, well rounded, fun loving pups. This ability stems from several key factors:

  • A well trained team who have a small number of dogs each to care for and can identify behavioral traits early
  • An extremely high percentage of return guests (so we know our existing clients characteristics very well and can continue to help them build on them and introduce them to suitable buddies)
  • A facility that promotes calm and relaxed behaviour, leading to more calm and confident interaction at play time.

One on One time and daily photos/videos

All Chateau Canine guest’s have time individually with a team member every day. During that time, we will focus specifically on your pup, and work with them however you like. Some parents like to have them brushed, or do socialization training, or play ball, or a variety of other activities. We believe that this daily contact is important and leads to a better quality of stay. During that time, we will also prepare some daily pics or videos to share with you at the end of the day. See some of our daily photos here

Chateau CCTV Live Streaming

Every single one our guest’s Chateau has at least one camera in it which you can access via an APP. It is available for free on both OS and Android app stores. Feel free to stalk your pup at anytime 24/7 (Be careful though, its HD, so the data roaming bills if you are abroad can be horrendous!) See our steps for installation here

In-House meals and treats

The Chateau’s kitchen is where some of the magic really happens! We serve thousands of meals to our guests every month. We are not ashamed to say we know more about good dog food and good poop than just about anyone out there! The Chateau requests all owners Bring Your Own food, but we will prepare it however you like. We can also provide cooked meals, Raw, B.A.R.F., Prey, RMB, meals or ingredients at very reasonable prices, and can advise you for free on what is genuinely good nutrition. Many of our clients speak to us even before talking to a vet (because we see more poop than your vet). See our in-house kitchen options here

SPA: Washing and Grooming

What is the biggest difference between getting your dog washed at the Chateau and washed at your local place? The Chateau team member who has just been feeding, playing with, and building a relationship with your pup over days and days during their stay will be the same person who washes your dog. This means your dog will be calmer and more trusting of our team member than someone who it just met. Additionally, in China all animal grooming shop’s staff are on strict time schedules as their salaries are based on total number of dogs washed. Our team members have no such limits and can work with your dog at the speed the dog can accept. Click here to book your pup’s wash for their next stay.

Post Operative Care

Chateau Canine offers post operative care in our Special Care rooms. Our team can administer medication, change bandages, clean wounds and other general nursing tasks. Many of our clients use these services after neutering or spaying their pup.

Chateau Pre-Departure Prep

Is your own dog or rescue dog heading abroad/home soon? Chateau Canine has special longer-term pricing and preparation programs to prepare the pup for its departure, these include:

  • Crate training (so the flight goes smoothly)
  • Basic obedience training (so your dog knows how to behave when you are back home)
  • Socialization training (so that you aren’t “that scary dog” in your community)
  • Diet change and peak performance programs (so that you are “that amazing dog” in your community)

Nutrition and Food Intolerance Consulting

Just like humans, some dogs are either allergic or intolerant to certain substances. This is normal, however figuring out which one it is can be quite time consuming. From our clients feedback, vets in China will generally offer you “Royal Canin Hypoallergenic”, and even sometimes say that your dog has to eat that particular brand for the rest of your dog’s life. This unfortunately is not a great outcome as the nutritional value of that type of dog food is quite low, and many of our clients have found an overall deterioration of their dogs condition when consuming it over the medium term.

We have helped dozens of clients identify which is the substance that causes the issue and develop a well rounded diet to give your dog the best nutrition possible. Get in touch with us here and let us know what happened.

Internal & External Deworming Treatment

Got a stay coming up and your dog is scheduled to have their deworming tablet or treatment? No problems at all, just pack the pill or tube with the rest of there things and we will administer at the appropriate time and send you a video of it being completed. Additionally, we also sell internal and external dewormers in our shop here and can deliver to your home the next day or administer during a stay. Quality international brands that you know and trust.