Holistic Canine Consulting

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Have you ever been in a dilemma like this?

  • Your furbaby looks unwell but there is language barrier between you and the vet.
  • Your vet’s diagnosis and treatment didn’t make any improvement, you would like an introduction to a suitable specialist?
  • You would like your furbaby to see a vet for a check up but there is no available transportation and you have no time?
  • Your furbaby is exhibiting abnormal behaviour, is it a sign of illness or behaviour issue?
  • Your furbaby is a super picky eater and at same time suffering from skin rashes, ear gunk, tear stain, body odour or bad digestion. How to make a difference?
  • Your furbaby is diagnosed with a chronic disease, your vet is telling you there isn’t much to be done. Wait! there may be a way to prolong its quality life.

I know how difficult it is to live in a foreign country without speaking the local language, let alone if you have welcomed furbabies to your home in this “not so pet friendly” country. I’m here to help.

Part of the perks of running Chateau Canine is that I’ve got the perfect opportunity to see all kinds of dog food on the market consumed and pooped out everyday. I got to taste all brands of kibbles, had close inspection of the poo, understood the dog’s character and condition and witness all kinds of changes and progress of both medication and supplements. I’ve gathered the comprehensive experience and knowledge about the connection between canine nutrition and physical condition. We have a saying “you are what you eat”, the same principle applies to pets. A suitable change in the diet may save you lots of money down the road, and even save lives.

A critical truth about vets in China is that their skills vary greatly. To become a licensed vet, all they need is a 3 year diploma degree in veterinary medicine and pass a 400 question multiple choice exam with 60% correct rate, then they are “board certified” and can practice. Compare this to the North American/European/Australian standard on how to become a vet, the entry barrier here in China is really quite low. Another rather ugly truth of vets in China is that they have sales target to hit. I’ve encountered quite a few cases that the dog was merely having food intolerance and allergy, and yet the vet decided the dog was having parvo virus or pancreatitis, simply because treating parvo or pancreatitis will earn the hospital thousands. Not only your wallet suffers, your pets suffer more for no reason.

There are very good and responsible Chinese vets who are reasonably priced and wouldn’t over medicate your pet. From our years of work in cooperating with vets, we have a sharp eye on who are doing their jobs and who are bluffing. So I’m here to help you not only get you and your pet in front of a good vet, but also help translate for you and get the important information to the vet correctly.

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