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Chateau Academy: Crate Training Your Dog

If you are not going to live in China for the life of your dog, this is an absolute MUST READ.

Out & About: Lakeside Picnic

For those of you who…

Product Review: Petbiz Dog & Cat Tracker

Let’s be honest, losing your pet is super stressful, having any idea about where they might have gone is extremely valuable at that crunch moment, but does the Petbiz Dog & Cat Tracker stand up to our test?

Export Your Dog: Step 1 – Microchip Insertion & Rabies Shot

Few of us are “China-Lifers” and as such, we need to make sure that our pets are ready to travel with the family to its next destination, regardless of whether it is heading back home or onto the next posting adventure. Preparing in advance is absolutely critical.

Out & About: Beijing Staycation With Your Pup

Going Covid-Crazy? Need to get out of the city for a night or two before you lose your mind? Chateau Canine to the rescue! We have a great mini-vacation spot for you AND your dogs!

Pet Travel – Beijing to France with UK extension

A succinct break-down of what to do when taking your dog home to France or UK (also applicable to Europe).