The Chateau’s Pet Training Tips and Programs

No one knows your pet better than you. Chateau Canine’s philosophy is the more tools available in the toolbox the better the craftsperson. Our training programs are designed to give owners an understanding of as many of the tools available as possible, allowing them to make an informed choice regarding what they feel is the best way to shape their dog’s behaviour.

The biggest challenge with the vast majority of online training programs/tv shows around animal training is that they are focused on solving one problem (because it makes good tv) and only from one training technique or ideology. This often fails to address the fundamental knowledge the owner needs to know first, or the skills the pet needs to acquire, before a mutually successful outcome is achieved for both owner and pet.

Chateau Canine’s Head Hound PJ is working through the development of a wholistic training program right now. Please bare with us while this library of knowledge is compiled in a succinct, useful pedagogy allowing anyone and everyone to give their pet the very best of life possible.