About Us

Our mission

Chateau Canine was founded in March 2016. Our organisation’s mission is to provide our clientele with a comprehensive range of useful advice, products and services that ensures their pets are healthy, happy and safe while enduring the complexities of living in China.

Our vision

We know it’s not easy living in China with a pet, it’s a unique place with often wildly varying information available about what the rules and etiquette of responsible pet ownership and care are. Chateau Canine’s vision is giving pet owners and fellow animal lovers in China an independent and unbiased platform of knowledge to lean on for support during those confusing moments.


Pj is Chateau Canine’s Co-Founder and Head Hound. Pj’s areas of focus are identifying client needs, client education and team development. In addition he is also responsible for the platform’s overall strategy and growth.

Linny is Chateau Canine’s Co-Founder and Head of Research. Linny’s area of focus is keeping Chateau Canine at the forefront of knowledge regarding pet health and wellbeing in this complex environment. In addition, Linny is responsible for technical development and communications.

Apollo is Chateau Canine’s Co-Founder and Head of Testing. Apollo is devoted to ensuring that all products and services offered by The Chateau are first rate, top notch, and given the bull breed seal of durability before use.