Frequently Asked Questions

Chateau Canine’s Accommodation Requirement
1. Membership
2. Dog’s Docs
3. Puppy and illness Restrictions
4. Booking Requirements

General Operating Framework
1. Visiting Hours
2. Check in Check out time
3.Daily schedule

Pet Shuttle Service
1. Car layout
2. Crates vs Seatbelt
3. Disinfection schedule
4. Our driver and his role in the pick up/drop off
5. What we can and can’t do
6. Car sickness and what you can do about it

1. Book accommodation and pet shuttle services
2. Payment
3. Discounts
4. Cancellation Policy
5. Kennelling Agreement

Other FAQs
1. Separation Anxiety
2. Stress and Fear
3. Canine Cough and its transmission
Facility Introduction
1. Small Breed Chateau
2. Large Breed Chateau
3. Special Care Room
4. Presidential Suite
5. Indoor and outdoor Play Areas
6. Disinfect and Environment control

Onsite Service Introduction
1. Daily walks and length
2. Socialization
3. One on one time and Photos/videos
4. Dog room CCTV live steaming
5. In house meals and treats
6. SPA: Washing and Grooming
7. Post-operative Care
8. Chateau Pre-departure Prep
9. Nutrition and Food intolerance consulting
10. Scheduled internal/external deworming treatment

Going to the Vet
1. Scheduled vet visits during a stay
2. Emergencies

Dog Training
1. Important factors when considering dog training