Facility Introduction

Facility Introduction

Our Shunyi-Nancai facility design

Our Nancai facility has several key sections:

  • Small breed accommodation
  • Medium breed accommodation
  • Special Care accommodation
  • Presidential Suite accommodation
  • Play areas

What room shall I choose for my pooch?

Small Breed Chateau

Is designed to accommodate smaller dogs with body weight range from 2kg to 10kg. It’s about 9sqms private play area, and it’s completely indoors. For chubby corgis, french bulls or beagles who are heavier than 10kg this accommodation type is also an option.

Medium Breed Chateau

Is designed to accommodate medium breeds of dogs, small dogs could also choose this room if they would prefer to have their own outdoor yard. Medium breed chateau has a den design, which greatly helps dogs to hide and be calm who are more timid or fearful when dealing with new environment.

Special Care Room

Is primarily to accommodate dogs with different physical challenges, separation anxiety, and post operation care. These rooms are relatively quieter. There are large, medium and small options to choose from. Large is for large to giant breed, medium is for medium to large breed, and small is for small & miniture breeds. These rooms are completely empty, enabling the owner to bring a range of items with them which help their dogs special needs.

Presidential Suite

Is our largest and most exclusive Chateau. More than 20sqm, with 3 separate sections, floor to ceiling windows, underfloor heating, two air-conditioners, two cameras, it is the lap of luxury.

Sharing Rooms

Chateau Canine strongly supports putting dogs from the SAME HOUSEHOLD together, our rooms are large with plenty of space for the whole family. However, Chateau Canine doesn’t put unrelated dogs together for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, the dog does not get the opportunity to rest in peace as it naturally would after play time or in the evening. This leads to tired stressed dogs that only compounds the longer the duration of the stay.
  • Secondly, the time spent with the other dog they are being more protective of their things (resource guarding is very natural and very common)
  • Thirdly, feeding is potentially dangerous and can lead to dogs eating the wrong food/medication
  • Four, disease wise it also creates more risk if one dog get sick they both get sick (as they share the same water source), or if one dog is an unknown carrier of something the other dog gets sick
  • Finally they can just straight up not like each other fight over anything and everything…

Some boarding facilities do put unrelated dogs together and say it’s so that “the dogs don’t get lonely” but that only happens if 1. The staff ignore them too much. 2. They don’t get let out to play together enough. (At it’s core it’s just a ploy to make more money as they can charge twice as much for 1 room).

Additionally, Chateau Canine does not agree with the “Free Range” boarding philosophy (where all the dogs are in one big room together) This boarding technique has been widely tested and failed in North America, Europe and Australia. It is also known as the “Lord of the Flies” model within the industry as it often leads to fighting, disease transmission and stressed dogs that have no private place to relax.

A human example to help clarify: Remember that time when you were staying in that hostel while backpacking? During your stay you met some great people, but with the constant coming and going of different people (some who you didn’t connect with as well) in your sleeping space you didn’t feel like you could truly relax, or feel safe, you slept with one eye open on your valuables…

Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas

Our Nancai facility has 4 unique play areas, including 400sqm+ of grass, 2 outdoor hard floor play areas, and a large indoor running room for rainy days. All dogs are off-lead in the play areas (unless meeting new friends for the first time). We partner dogs with suitable size and character together for awesome doggy parties.

Disinfection and environment cleanliness control

  • Every guest’s Chateau is cleaned every day with veterinarian grade disinfectant.
  • Every guest’s bowls are cleaned twice a day with food grade detergent and filtered water
  • Our hard surface and indoor running rooms are cleaned every day with veterinarian grade disinfectant
  • Our grass is disinfected and treated for bugs monthly during the cooler months, fortnightly over summer.
  • In addition to not accepting sick dogs, or dogs without complete vaccination, each Chateau’s inherent design mitigates the risk of diseases being transmitted. Furthermore, all of Chateau Canine’s full time, onsite team members are Animal Medicine or Animal Science majors.
  • We are proud of our record of never having an outbreak of disease in any of our facilities.