Chateau Team On The Hunt: Pet Fair Asia 2020

One of the many things that we love about our job is getting to go to industry fairs and expos, seeing all the newest, coolest, most innovative ideas and concepts that are taking our industry forward. The last 6 months of Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on global expos, but we are in Shanghai for the Pet Fair Asia 2020 to source all the best new products for you and your pets. Watch this video to see all the cool stuff coming soon!

Taking up the entire Shanghai Pudong Expo Center, there are literally thousands of importers, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and inventors with goodness only knows how many individual products on display. Wednesday 19th August till Friday 21st August are for industry insiders only, but on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23nd August, the event is open to the public so if you are in Shanghai you can jump on the subway over to Huamu Lu and head on in for a look at the latest and greatest pet stuff (don’t forget your ID and mask).

Chateau Canine has been going to these industry events for a number of years (at various locations around the world) and it’s great to see how the industry is improving. Whilst there is still some, there has been a distinct reduction in copycats and a large increase in innovation and significant refinement of some of the more traditional products. The most obvious move across the industry this year has been the big leap forward of just about all the major dog food providers to freeze-dried grain free food. Interestingly, Royal Canin (owned by Mars Inc) did not attend this year.

The Chateau Canine (Hooman) product team brought back bag loads of testers and samples. Our two lead (Canine) testers Titan and Taimi will lead the charge to tear, crush, rip, crunch and destroy anything they can get their huge jaws around to ensure that any new products that go onto our website for your purchase meets the Chateau’s stringent quality standards. If they survive Titan and Taimi (who are 65kg each and Kangal’s have the strongest bite in the world), we are confident you and your dog will be satisfied.

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