Out & About: Element – Dog Friendly B&B

We are back to that charming time of year after the cold, before the swelter, where we can really enjoy some great little trips out of town. One of the Chateau team’s latest finds is a charming little B&B located just 40mins from downtown Beijing, nestled just 1km off the expressway for easy access and quick trips.

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Your Dog’s Secret Instagram Account

Your dog’s anal glands are their gateway to doggy socials and catching up with their buddies and making new friends. Anal glands can also be something that can cause your pup pain and discomfort if not managed properly. This quick video gives the lay of the land covering the key things you need to know about this small but important part of your pup’s anatomy.

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Debunking Dog Treats – Are You Really Treating Your Dog?

I recently ducked down to a very well known, very well regarded international supermarket and spent roughly ¥250 on buying 9 different types of dog treats so I could have a close look at what is out there available to the general public. Some of the treats are well known international brands, some are less well known domestic brands, but all of them had one thing in common: I wouldn’t feed any of them to my dog.

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Is your dog fat, fit or needs to pork up a bit?

The Chateau Canine team is contacted on a daily basis from dog owners all around China asking about suitable food. One of the first questions that we ask is about weight control and what they want to achieve for their dog’s health. People are often unclear about what is a suitable weight, how to establish if their dog is overweight or underweight or just right. We have put together this quick video to help people understand a simple, easy method to gauge if it’s time to shed a few pounds or put a few on.

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Mummy, I’m NOT A COW! – Part 3

In the third and final part of this little mini-series on the evolution of canines and their nutrition, let’s take a moment to review your dog’s eating schedule, how long they spend each day eating, and how this impacts their digestive system and overall wellbeing.

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Export Your Dog: Step 2 – The Rabies Titre Test

This second video in this series looks at the rabies titre test, what the steps are and what you need to know to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible, for both you and your fur-baby. The rabies titre test is a blood test to prove that your pet has enough anti-bodies to fight rabies IF it were to come into contact with the disease. Many destination countries have a minimum anti-body count as a requirement of entry, including all Europe, UK, Australia, Japan and many others.

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Bad Doggie Breath

Many dog owners don’t realize how important is a dog’s dental health until it’s too late. Bad dental health is not just what you see and smell on the surface, it goes much deeper. Dental inflammation can lead to heart, liver and kidney disease, and even sepsis and can seriously affect your dog’s quality and length of life. This one minute video gives you quick run down of things to look out for!

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Canine Psychology & Shaping Behavior: Part 4 – Reinforcement & Punishment

Without doubt, this is the most controversial topic in the animal training world, is highly polarizing amongst trainers, and often wildly misunderstood by the vast majority of owners. This video takes a calm, realistic and practical look at the concepts of reinforcement and punishment, clarifying for everyone what they really mean and what you as a fur-baby parent need to think about, BEFORE implementing either.

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