Canine Master Class: 8 Things Your Dog Needs Video Pack

Chateau Canine’s PJ, Australian National Dog Training Federation certified Dog Trainer and Behaviorist, Founder and Head Hound of Chateau Canine walks us through this Master Class to understand how we build a solid foundation for our dog’s physical and mental development.

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Bringing a new dog into the family is an experience to say the least, one that the vast majority of people feel is a wonderful addition to their home and their little fluff ball soon becomes a much loved member of the family. For novice owners however, this experience can be laced with challenges, struggles, confusion and fear with avoidable mistakes being made, potentially leading to a pup fraught with developmental problems.

Understanding the fundamentals of canines will set up you and your family to raise a dog that is the envy of your neighbours and a pleasure to have in and around the house. These fundamentals are even more important when you are taking in or fostering a rescue dog or mixed breed that perhaps doesn’t have the more predictable characteristics of some of the more traditional breeds.

This Foundation Master Class has been broken up into 8 bite sized easily digestible chunks. Below is a basic introduction to each video and identifies the critical point that you want to take on board. Watch the supporting videos at your own speed, either knocking them over all at once or come back and review over time.

  1. Leadership & Structure
    • The significant differences between leadership and dominance, and how structure creates confidence.
  2. Nutrition
    • Know what is suitable for the species helping your dog grow well and avoid problems down the road.
  3. Exercise & Mental Stimulation
    • What is the right amount of exercise and how to tire out a hyperactive dog without running a marathon.
  4. Socialization
    • Get it done right the first time and save yourself boat loads of issues down the road.
  5. Immunization
    • Protect your dog, yourself and society by immunizing the right way at the right times.
  6. A Safe Place To Sleep
    • All of us have had a bad night’s sleep at some point, a feeling of safety is key to everyone being well rested and calm.
  7. Love & To Love Its Name
    • Tips about how to ensure you dog feels loved, plus how to ramp up communication by getting the best out of your dog’s name.
  8. Learning How To Learn
    • Development centers around learning, when your pup learns how to learn we open the door to your dog becoming more.

These 8 videos are an ideal way to start off (or reignite) your basic canine knowledge. Chateau Canine has a growing library of knowledge on it Chateau Academy page, please check back regularly for the latest content on keeping your dog happy healthy and safe during its journey through the Middle Kingdom.

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  2. Such a great series – it’s accessible and easy to learn and absorb the knowledge. Thank you for taking the time to do this for us noob dog owners!

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