How to Connect to the Cameras of Your Pup’s Room

5 Easy Steps to Set it All Up (You only need to do this once):

  1. DOWNLOAD and install an APP called 萤石云视频
  2. REGISTER an account with that APP with your Chinese mobile number
  3. TELL US on WeChat and let us know your registered mobile number, we will send you a friend request
  4. ACCEPT our friend request and let us know, and we then can share the camera feed to you
  5. VIEW the camera feed after sharing is completed

Step 1: Copy and paste these Chinese characters into your app store 萤石云视频 and download

Step 2: Follow the below picture tutorial to register the account

Step 2.1: Press the white button in the middle of the screen

Step 2.2: Press the five Chinese characters that are underlined

Step 2.3: Input your Chinese mobile phone number, then press the button below

Step 2.4: Press the circled button to agree to let the APP send you a security pin number (to confirm you’re not a robot)

Step 2.5: Enter the 4 digit code that you just received via text message, then press the button below

Step 2.6: Input your desired password. Minimum 8 characters, must contain capital, small letter and number

Step 2.7: Choose one of the circled options above then click the large button at the bottom

Step 2.8: Agree to the term and conditions of use by clicking the orange button

Step 3: Tell us that you have completed Step 2 and the phone number that you used to register

Step 4: Accept friend request by following the below steps

Step 4.1: Press the circled button in the bottom right hand corner

Step 4.2: Press the button as indicated by the red arrow

Step 4.3: Press the little person icon as indicated by the red arrow

Step 4.4: Press the little red 1 button as indicated by the yellow arrow

Step 4.5: Press the little orange button to accept the friend request from Chateau Canine

Step 5: View feed

Step 5.1: After we have confirmed that the camera is shared to you, click the button in the bottom left hand corner as indicated by the red arrow

Step 5.2: Your pup’s camera(s) will be shown by clicking the three Chinese characters circled in red


  1. This APP is available in both OS and Android app stores, but only the Chinese version has this functionality, please make sure you download the Chinese version
  2. Chinese mobile number is a must
  3. If you didn’t receive any live feed portal after all the steps, please try exiting the APP and re-login
  4. Live streaming videos can cause a monster roaming bill when you are overseas, be aware of this cost or use WiFi