Bookings & Purchases

Bookings & Purchases

Booking accommodation and pet shuttle service

All room and transportation bookings are completed by the client through our website. Please click here to see the room options and click here for shuttle services. Bookings can be made up to 4 months in advance of your checkout date. You will need to be a VIP member before you can make bookings for our services. If you are not already a VIP, please email us here to apply.


We take full payment at time of booking of service or purchase of product.


Join our mailing list here to get our solicited correspondence that are chock full of discounts and special deals (plus loads of useful doggy info and products). Additionally, we offer discounts to our “regulars” who stay with us 90+ nights a year.

Cancellation Policy

We offer a full refund for bookings 30 days prior to check-in, no questions asked. Closer than 30 days, we can change the booking within the same period of time, but do not offer any refunds. Our suggestion is: book what you definitely know you need now, then add on at front and back of the booking later if your plans change. This cancellation policy has successfully made our clients more accurate in their bookings, giving more clients the opportunity to get a spot during peak times. We sincerely hope you can understand and appreciate the merit of this policy.

If upon check-in parents are unable to present a up-to-date and complete vaccination book (both general immunization and rabies), Chateau Canine reserves the right to refuse entry and will not provide any refunds. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Kennelling Agreement

Please see our agreement here