Beijing: Fun day out #2

Its Great and its a Wall, thats right folks, it’s The Great Wall! But you know what, its even more great when you are on it with your beloved pup!

  • Time from Sanlitun: 1 hour 30mins standard day time traffic via Jing Cheng Expressway
  • Distance from Sanlitun: 75km
  • What to do there: Hiking/Scenic/Picnic/Touristy stuff with relatives
  • Fee: There is an old guy who sits below the wall and asks for ¥10 as a local “tax”
  • Cleanliness: Medium
  • Numbers of people: Low
  • Seasonal options: Summer is absolutely baking up on the Wall, get up there early to avoid heatstroke. Winter/Spring is quite nice with the snow if any. As with all Great Wall walks, early Autumn is just golden.
  • The pin for the address is a BnB that you can take dogs to. It is about halfway up the hill, park at the bottom near the river, then make your way up to towards the BnB, once you get there you still have about another 300m or so to keep climbing up a dedicated path – its quite a climb to the bottom of the Great Wall.
  • Once you are on, most people consider turning to the right to be the better views
This is also the name of a little BnB there that allows dogs
enough said…
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  1. Details accurate as at 2019.08.15

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