Beijing: Fun day out #1

Yun Meng Gorge (Yun Meng Xia 云蒙峡)

  • Time from Sanlitun: 1 hour 45mins standard day time traffic via Jing Cheng Expressway
  • Distance from Sanlitun: 93km
  • What to do there: Hiking/Swimming/Picnic
  • Fee: Should be less than 50RMB, if anything
  • Cleanliness: High
  • Numbers of people: Low
  • Seasonal options: Summer/Autumn is quite nice, water is cool. Winter/Spring is quite nice with the ice and snow
Search: Yun Meng Gorge in Apple maps for directions

Closures: There was some concern that it was closed in May June 2019, but as at July 2019 was open.

Other thoughts: The public toilets at the carpark are standard level of nastiness. Wear covered shoes when going in.

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  1. Site closed as at 15th August 2019 – Rains in early August flooded the roads and ripped away the bridge to get across. Will keep you updated.

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