Accommodation Requirements

Chateau Canine’s Accommodation Requirements


Bookings for Chateau Canine’s Accommodation, pet shuttle services and dog walker services etc. will require the VIP membership. If you have already registered as a client, please go this page to apply for VIP.

Dog’s Docs

  1. Immunization booklet (or relevant importation documents if your dog has just arrived to China) with a valid 4in1 (or higher) general vaccination and rabies vaccination record. We require the original booklet to be presented upon every check-in. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  2. Valid Dog License original copy. Please note: the law states that every dog in the city of Beijing must have a dog license, Chateau Canine does not require it, however the police do.

Puppy and illness restrictions

Even though Chateau Canine is equipped with the capability of doing Post Operative Care and looking after dogs who suffers from chronic degenerative diseases and paralysis, we do not take dogs who are carrying transmissive diseases, which include skin problem and parasites. If your dog is having these conditions and looking for a place to stay, we can recommend good vet hospitals.

Also, Chateau Canine do not accept puppies who aren’t fully immunized. A puppy who hasn’t fully built its defense system should avoid high dog density areas like kennels and dog parks, as parvo and distemper virus are transmitted by contact and can survive in the soil for up to 7 years.

Booking Requirements

  1. You can make a booking 4 months ahead of the checkout date, and 48 hours in advance of checkin date. Full payment will be made at the time of booking.
  2. One family one room policy. If you have multiple dogs in your family, they can be booked into one room. We do not allow room sharing between dogs from different families. A fundamental trait of canine behaviour is resource guarding, therefore one family one room policy is to avoid any possible territorial or resource problems to occur, and to make sure all doggie guest will have its own safe area to retire to after a fun day partying at the Chateau.

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